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 Zonevideo Video conferencing software

Being one of the best video conferencing software(web conferencing) solutions in the industry, ZoneVideo video conferencing software provides users with a multi-level, highly effective online multimedia communication platform that has powerful application functions, stable and outstanding system performance. With this platform, users can exchange all types of information, e.g. audio, video, desktop, files etc. with several other different parties easily and effectively, thus meeting the requirements for network applications such as online web conferencing, distance learning and training, collaboration work, etc.

  Video conferencing software

Note: Unregister version is free and allow 2 users to login at the same time.

Because ZoneVideo video conferencing software is a pure software, it's much cheaper than any other H.323 video conferencing system. Buy now to build your own video conference software system.

Key Features
  Pure software include video conferencing software server, client, management system.
  Multi people video conferencing ;
  Video conferencing size: 160*120, 176*144, 320*240, 352*288, 640*480
  Video conferencing bandwidth: 64k bps - 1Mbps
  Video conferencing encode format: MPEG4
  Audio encode format: MP3
  Max video rate: 30 frame / s
  Desktop share and remote control support(demonstrate your PPT, word documents in your conferencing)
  Free and controlled video conferencing styles support
  File share in conference
  Draw pen in conference
  Conference record and playback
  Sony D31/D100 video conferencing camera remote control support
  All kind of display mode(auto split, roll, 4,5,6,9,16 windows)
  Two monitors support
Detail  | Download  | Video Demo

 ZoneVideo chat system v6.60

Zonevideo chat sytem is an integration chat system with instant messenger and video chat which allows you to easily see, hear, and chat with people all over the world through internet.

With it, you can build your own instant messenger and video chat server to be a virtual taproom with wonderful show on internet.

You can manage your users who enjoy your taproom, register specific ID, upgrade ID rank, charge virtual money, etc.

Webcam users can broadcast streaming audio and video.
No camera is required to see and hear people. Also, they can send gift to their favourite people which will cost their virtual money in the system. Users who get the gift will get part of the money.

Users can Invite their friends and family to watch your security video, or just hang out in the public video lobby and meet new people.


Video conferencing software

Video conferencing software

Note: Unregister version is free and allow 50 users to login instant messenger server and 2 users to login chat room server at the same time.

Buy now to build your own instant messenger and video chat system.

Key Features
  Pure software include IM server, video chat server, client, back-end management system.
  High quality, smooth video and auido even on bad network
  Support free and controlled mode chat room
  Support multi server
  Support 1000 users online per server
  Support public, private, secret video mode
  Virtual money system
  Support multiple user ranks(VIP, Senior VIP, Diamond VIP, Room master, Room admin, Inspector)
  Support gift sending in the room
  Text chat with public and private mode
  Instant messenger like MSN, Yahoo messenger
  Chat face, font, color support
  Peer to peer file transfer in IM system
  Skins support

Detail  | Download  | Video Demo(base function) | Video Demo(back-end and advanced)

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