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ZoneVideo conferencing software

ZoneVideo Client

You can use it for:

  • Video meeting
  • Remote education
  • Co-work
  • Romote medical treatment

ZoneVideo Server(MCU)

Support at most 1024 online users on one server.



ZoneVideo Management system

You can use it for:

  • User management
  • Meeting room management
  • Meeting notify


ZoneVideo a total software solution that supports video format resolution from QCIF to CIF. With the right equipment, the system can seamlessly move the videoconferencing experience from the office cubicle to the conference room. Since the videoconferencing system support CIF video format, with enough bandwidth, the transmission can reach up to 30 fps (frames per second), providing users with VCD quality display. The audio and video requirements for videoconferencing are usually very high, it is recommended that high end equipment be used during videoconferencing sessions.

Desktop videoconferencing software solutions are usually widely used in conferences at the desktop level. Users are able to have a conference from anywhere in the world using their laptops, desktop computers, etc. Due to the client and server nature of the system, this permits each user to connect from a different location in a flexible and easy manner, this is done by accessing the videoconferencing servers nearest to them. For example, different business groups from different parts of the world in an international company can have a conference together.

When looking to setup videoconferencing for those constantly on the go, there is always the price factor and compatibility factors that need to be taken into account, it is recommended to get a pair of headset and a camera with USB interfaces. When needed, just connect the camera and headset to the laptop USB port and you would be ready to sign on to the videoconference session. For an overview on setting up videoconferencing in different environments, please take a look at the diagram above.

ZoneVideo Chat System

ZoneVideo Chat Client

You can use it for:

  • Instant messenger
  • Video chat
  • Show on internet
  • Community

ZoneVideo Chat Server(IM Server / Video Chat Server)

IM Server supports at most 100,000 online users on one server.

Video chat server supports at most 500 online users on one server.

Multiple server cluster supported



ZoneVideo Chat Web Management

You can use it for:

  • User management
  • Chat room management
  • Charge virtual money
  • Report


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